TiVo MPlayer


Allows streaming of recorded programs off a TiVo or local TiVo streams to play onto a PC. No intermediate storage is required. No re-muxing is required.

See MythTivo for a MythTV Front End to TiVo-MPlayer
See Screenshot for TiVo MPlayer in Action!
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Tested Streams


TiVo-Mplayer is now in the main mplayer code base.
mplayer can be downloaded here
TiVo-Mplayer vserver hooks are also in the main codeline, however you need to download the companion vstream-client, this work done by Joey Parrish
The vstream-client can be downloaded here
I take no responsibility, nor have I tested any of these changes.

Download - The following are now deprecated! (as of 2005/07/01)

MPlayer Source 0.19

MPlayer Source 0.16
MPlayer Cygwin Binary 0.16
MPlayer Cygwin Binary 0.16 with Windows Installer (Courtesy Burriko)

Vstream 1.2 Binary and Source for S1 and S2
MPlayer GUI (JRE 1.3 Required, MPlayer Version 0.10 or greater Required)

An Example Stream from an SA TiVo - TechTV's Fresh Gear

Build Instructions & Usage Notes



TiVo MPlayer GUI

Use can either use the CLI to get the Now Showing List from your TiVo or use this cool Java applet (JRE 1.3+ required) to have a GUI Interface.

Burriko from DealDatabase originally put mplayerGUI together


Current Issues



Version Notes




TiVo is a registered trademark of the TiVo Corporation

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